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A Response to #MeToo

The Golden Globe Awards were Monday evening and the big focus of the night was the response to the sexual harassment issues currently going on in our culture.  In a very real sense our culture is wrestling with the broad … Continue reading

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How Do We Protect Relationships

Change is a part of church experience.  People are always coming and going.  We welcome new people to our congregation and we work to build relationships with them.  We say goodbye to those who have been part of our lives. … Continue reading

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Speaking the Truth in Love…

  How we communicate with others is very important. I have the privilege of working with people who are going through difficult times. Some of these people are able to talk about those difficulties with grace and compassion. Others communicate … Continue reading

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10 Things I’ve Learned, and Continue to Learn, About Singleness

  It’s worth the effort to fight against the lie that you’re single because something is wrong with you. There’s not. At least not anything that would keep you from being able to get married.* I know this not because … Continue reading

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Forgiving the Big Hurts

In South Africa the Forgiveness Project has worked diligently to promote forgiveness following the end of apartheid and the incredible wounds that South Africa has  faced.  This same group has worked at promoting forgiveness and healing in Rwanda following the genocide … Continue reading

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Intimacy in its various forms

I am frequently working with people to help them with issues in their relationships. Tim Keller, in a sermon from Proverbs that he entitled “Repairing Relationships” makes the point that relationships are always in need of repair.  We live in … Continue reading

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Grenades and Healing Relationships

I work with a lot of couples.  Most of these couples will come to me for counseling because their relationship has deteriorated and they are growing more distant and unhappy with each other.  They want a good marriage, and in … Continue reading

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God is not an Object

We are tempted by our nature and taught by our culture to treat others as objects instead of people.  Whether we are in conflict with others and think of them as barriers to what we want or we treat them … Continue reading

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What do I do when I am angry in a relationship

I have been working a lot with couples who are battling anger with their spouses.  This is so common today that you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, duh, aren’t you a counselor?  Don’t you realize that people get angry?” … Continue reading

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The Context of Love

I am doing a lot of thinking about the call for Christians to love.  This past week I preached at my home church on Jesus’ command to love in John 13.  I have preached that passage several times.  This time … Continue reading

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