About IBC

Mission: To support the ministry of the Church in the Pacific Northwest through Biblical counseling, training, and writing.

What is Biblical Counseling?

 Scripture directs us and shapes what we offer.  The Bible speaks meaningfully to every aspect of life in real day to day settings.  It informs how we face the joys, as well as the  trials and difficulties, of our lives.  God cares about who we are as well as how we live.  We focus our work in counseling on heart level change so that the behavioral changes that follow are built on a foundation that will last even after the crises are over.  

Impact coordinates our counseling with the local church’s ministry to their members.  Frequently churches and counselors act independently of one another and the benefits of a combined ministry are lost. God has created us with a need for community and we believe the best context for counseling is in community.  When we isolate counseling from the church we dramatically limit our ability to promote long term healing.  We hope to provide counseling in a setting in which the benefits of counseling are enhanced by the cooperation between spiritual leadership and Biblical counselors.  

We are servicing the greater Portland and Willamette Valley areas.  We have launched Impact to provide solid Biblical counseling as a support for churches that recognize the need to provide both discipleship and counseling for their people.  Discipleship provides the systematic equipping that is necessary for believers to grow in grace.  This is the process of learning the truths of Scripture and applying those truths in the day to day issues in our lives.