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What Does Respect Look Like?

 I remember as a young child that whenever I would see someone who was visibly different, perhaps had some sort of disability or disfigurement, my mom or sometimes my dad would tell me that I should not stare or make … Continue reading

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A Response to #MeToo

The Golden Globe Awards were Monday evening and the big focus of the night was the response to the sexual harassment issues currently going on in our culture.  In a very real sense our culture is wrestling with the broad … Continue reading

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What do I do when I am angry in a relationship

I have been working a lot with couples who are battling anger with their spouses.  This is so common today that you might be thinking to yourself, “Well, duh, aren’t you a counselor?  Don’t you realize that people get angry?” … Continue reading

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Welcome to Impact Biblical Counseling

We’ll be updating this blog often with news, resources and information so stay tuned!  If you’re interested in supporting IBC as we launch our new projects please feel free to contribute by using our secure PayPal donation area on the … Continue reading

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