He Reigns!

Kristin2I love Easter!  I used to love Easter because it was the one time of year we could eat Cadbury Eggs – you know, those obnoxiously sweet chocolate eggs with frosting in the middle that looks like raw egg?  That’s the stuff of childhood dreams!  I still do love Cadbury Eggs but thankfully my love of Easter has deepened.  It’s not just Easter that I love though.  I do enjoy the lilies and the celebrations, family dinners and the like.  But more than that, the power of the resurrection astounds me. In this one act the Lord declares his reign over death.  In this moment death and darkness, brokenness and sin all become subservient to our King in Heaven.  Yes, they still exist but it is evil on a leash.

We stop and celebrate Easter once a year but the power of the resurrection extends daily into ordinary moments in our lives.  In a former post I wrote about how the Lord transforms the ashes of my loneliness into the beauty of knowing him more deeply and loving others more sweetly.  As I continue to ponder the Lord’s reign over one little piece of darkness in my own life, my loneliness, I realize that it too is subservient to my King.  When I experience that pang of loneliness and see it become a beacon to the arms of my Savior, in that moment I’m experiencing the reign of Christ over darkness.

Loneliness, or whatever it is that you’re wrestling with, still feels dark.  It still hurts, it’s still painful.  But it is on a leash and the Lord has declared his victory over it!  That’s hopeful!

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