Updating Impact

I have been working to build some new relationships with churches in the area for the past several weeks.  I have been able to meet with pastors of four churches and introduce them to our ministry over the past two weeks.  I have another meeting set with a pastor this coming week, and am in contact with some other pastors hoping to set up meetings in the coming weeks.  I am very excited about some things that are taking place in Portland as a result of the work of these pastors and I am pleased to have met with them to see how Impact can support their ministries.

One thing that has been going on since mid-September is a prayer ministry that seven churches have created.   The ministry is called “Seven” and it seven prayer meetings taking place on Wednesdays each week for seven weeks.  There are many hundreds of believers gathering each week to pray for the spiritual health of Portland.  This is an incredible ministry that points out that the churches see themselves as a united body of Christ gathered for the purpose of serving Portland and honoring God.  You can find out more about this ministry at http://sevenpdx.org/.  If you are near the Portland area I strongly encourage you to go to this site and find out how you can participate.

I am very glad to know that the churches in the area are so united in their ministry to the city.  I think this is a huge step and I am eager to find a way to participate with these churches in their ministry to the city.

Join me in praying that God will use this ministry to build His kingdom here.


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  1. Very helpful info. thanks so much, i just need it

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