Home in the Northwest

We have settled in to our new house in Newberg, and are getting a sense of our new normal. Our family is getting settled and kids are in school. I am working on getting contacts with churches in the area and I am available for working with folks who need Biblical counseling. If you are a pastor who is looking to find out more about Impact Biblical Counseling please send me an e-mail (Steve@ImpactBiblicalCounseling.com, or call me at 301-335-5920. I am setting up appointments with church leaders to let you all know what Impact has to offer. I also have put some things on the web that should help you to know more about Impact’s theology of counseling: an article published in “New Horizons” and a paper I wrote to train lay counselors in my former church. I also have put up a link to the intake forms that I ask new clients to fill out and send to me as I schedule our first meeting.
If you have any trouble with these links, please call me so I am able to help you access them.


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